04.03. & 05.03.2021

The event of the year connecting European

Women in Tech and Innovation   

Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. 2021 is all about women in tech and innovation making meaningful connections. For the first time we are going international with a 2 day program full of insights from Europe’s most experienced founders, investors and corporate professionals in this field. Over the 2 days there will be multiple opportunities to get connected with others supporting and empowering women in tech and innovation. The various formats of the event are designed to bring VCs, investors and employers together with female startups, entrepreneurs and future employees. 

Our Live Online Event Starts in



15 minutes of one inspiring leader sharing their best practices and solutions for a certain issue.

Fireside Chat

In a 25 minute chat one person interviews another person about their experiences. For example, an investor interviewing a startup founder.


In a 40 minute panel   three to four people discuss a common challenge or problem and share their different solutions.

Breakout Sessions

 Interactive sessions where attendees can actively participate in the discussion and share their opinions and experiences.

We want to increase diversity in tech and innovation!


Are you in?

Why do we do this

Tech and Innovation is an area where women are extremely underrepresented. At Female Founders we believe the key to creating positive economic and social changes is putting women in entrepreneurial and leadership positions. We are working towards closing the gender gaps in our society and the field of tech and innovation is one that needs to start being more inclusive and diverse ASAP! 


With this event we want to break down some of the barriers that women face within the industry. Our plan is to grow a community that supports the women in tech and innovation and inspire others to join us and keep pushing for change. In the unstable, fast changing world of today women are going to be the leaders we need, especially in places where they are currently underrepresented. 

Careers in Tech and Innovation

Tech and Innovation Startups and Investors


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Climate Tech

Health Tech

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Enterprise Software

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Deep Tech

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Why should you join?

Well - the better question is why shouldn’t you? LTST is a 2 day event focused on all aspects related to women in tech and innovation. The event gives you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of expert founders and investors, and to get connected with VCs, startups, corporate stakeholders, and female leaders within the field. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a tech startup, an investor looking for promising opportunities, a corporate looking to higher talented leaders, or an individual ready to level up or even start your career in tech and innovation, this is the event you need to be at. Not only will you expand your network and meet with people who will help you reach your goals, whatever they may be, but you will also get the chance to join the fastest growing community for female entrepreneurs in Europe. 


Who can join?

This event represents improving the lack of diversity and changing the status quo starting with the people it is featuring and targeting. LTST unites all of the different players and stakeholders within tech and innovation. We know that the best way to make change happen is to get everyone on board and tackle the problem from all sides. That is why we encourage everyone who is in some way involved in tech and innovation or even interested in getting involved to join the event. You never know who you will get the chance to link up with and what opportunities lie ahead. 

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Female Founders is the fastest growing community for female entrepreneurial minds in Europe. We, as Female Founders, believe that - in a world facing more challenges than ever - today’s economy and society are forced to change, and that female entrepreneurs will play a crucial role in this transformation by being the leaders of change.


Our vision is to contribute to this change by fostering these women who drive positive change. For us, an entrepreneurial mindset is not only about starting a business, it’s about being active, taking responsibility, making a positive difference, being optimistic, passionate and proactive, as well as having confidence and trust in yourself. 

We realize this vision by creating a pan-European ecosystem for female entrepreneurial minds, currently consisting of three pillars: Base F, Lead F & Grow F. Driven by our values, we regard ourselves as a meaningful connection for everyone in our community. By being a source of support and guidance, we’re there every step along the way of the entrepreneurial minds’ life. 











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