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join a team, learn new skills, develop the best solution

at the LTST TalentHack, you and your team will work together with top tech companies and experts in the field, to develop the best solution to a challenge that is relevant in the tech and innovation space.


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Why you should join

Take part in the LTST TalentHack to explore career opportunities, meet companies looking for female talent, connect with like-minded women in a supportive environment and learn new skills from experts in the industry.

How it works

Signing Up

You sign up for the 3-day online event using our sign up form. We will place you on a team of 4-6 other women participating.

Solving a Challenge

You and your team will be assigned a challenge and a challenge lead from a top tech company.  Together you will work together to build an innovative solution.

Knowledge and Support

Over the 3 days will work with mentors and participate in workshops to teach you practical skills for solving your challenge.

Final Pitches

On the last day, all teams will pitch their solutions. After the final round of pitches, the winning three teams will be awarded a prize sponsored by Adverity.

TalentHack Winners

1st Place: Team Mimo - The Mimo Challenge

Team Members: Berna Epik, Kristina Kozlovskaya, Ilona Dlin, Esma Gürsoy, Karola Kaefer, PhD

Solution: Team Mimo provided a solution to help Mimo the app overcome its customer retention challenge by focusing on user experience. They focused on changing 1% od the experience, added and AHA-moment where users would gain satisfaction or be left on a cliff hanger and want to keep using the app. The team also added to their solution a feature that reminds users to come back to the app with a push notification after 24h and an as easy as possible feedback questionnaire. 

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2nd Place: Team Finny - the Accenture Challenege 

Team Members: Barbara Treusch, Emiliia Macyte, Natsuki Kemsies & Nina Martin Da Silva

Solution: As for the describing sentence, you can use our general explanation: ''With Finny, we are teaching the next generation of women to engage with financial challenges – increasing their intrinsic interest and confidence. But also shaping their female role models through accessible financial knowledge and a trustworthy community'' or the more specific one: ''Finny offers weekly challenges to teach kids in a smart and proactive way about financial responsibility'


3rd Place: Team Sky Rocket - the Female Founders Challenge

Team Members: Jessica Steppe, Maria Kuzmina, Ana Čobanković

Solution: Nearing your retirement age is scary for a lot of women. You still feel like you have a lot to offer, but you are faced with a lot of obstacles in your way and you are not sure what kind of opportunities laid ahead. With Stay F entrepreneurship program for senior women you can discover those opportunities in a safe and motivating environment. Learn form peers and industry experts, that will offer support in personal development, practical entrepreneurship skills and navigation through digital world. Our goal is to empower women to fulfil their potential so we can be one step closer in bringing diversity into entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Other Challenge Winners

Team Future Mobiliy

The AVL Challenege

Team Members: Andreea Bardasu, Sophie Kaschner and Magdalena Weiss

Solution: Shifted is a sustainable mobility app by AVL that shows user the carbon footprint of transport options for their route. Further, the cost of each options are shown, something competitors like Google Maps don’t provide. User choosing the most sustainable option get rewarded by our mobility partners!
With the collected data AVL are able to provide their customers (for example, OEMs) database licenses, data analytics and data driven consulting to boost the future of  the sustainable mobility industry.

Fun Crypto People

Team Future Mobiliy

Team: Tigana Sari, Rika Diana Mader, Yiqing, Rosaline Chen, Naouel El Djouher, Daria Voronina 

Solution: Crypto For ALL is a learning feature of the Coinpanion platform to encourage more women to be part of the crypto ecosystem by increasing crypto representation, providing educational materials, and partnerships with female-led organizations. 
Crypto For ALL has four different sub-features:
Faces of Crypto - showcase diverse crypto investors
The App Explained - a platform walk-through explaining features and terminologies
Crypto 101 - educating potential female investors
Webinars and Workshops by female-led organizations and offering free credit to encourage women to invest.

Team StIga

The Startup Challenge

Team Members: Janvi Parmar, Lucía Rodríguez Muñoz, Cristina Macaraig, Nataliia Flaisinger

Solution: An unconventional marketing strategy aiming to raise brand awareness and encourage user engagement amongst the engineering community. Based on the concept of Squidgame users receive cards with a barcode leading to the game. The crux of the game is that it ends just before the user was about to win- on gnista.io’s website users manually put in IoT sensor data and learn the value of the data on energy optimization and Co2 emissions. After completion users are taken back to the game to complete the challenge. The purpose is to help engineers understand the value of their data and learn how to use gnosis.io’s API in an exciting and engaging manner.


Who should join?

university students



  • women ready to learn about their career opportunities in tech & innovation

  • all experience levels are welcome, a tech background is not necessary

  • someone excited to make meaningful connections with industry-leading companies

The Challenges

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The AVL Challenge

How might we better understand customers’ mobility preferences so that we can help our clients create innovative automotive solutions?


The Coinpanion Challenge

How might we inspire more women to become part of the crypto community, so we at Coinpanion can increase diversity in our customer pool to 50/50 by 2025? 


The Startup Challenge

How might we increase awareness and attract more users to our product solution?


The Accenture Challenge

How might we at Accenture support women to take control of their financial independence?


The Mimo Challenge

How might we convince potential learners to become developers so that they will continue to return to our app?


The Female Founders Challenge

How might we create an innovative program that engages a more diverse target group to participate in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

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meet them at the TalentHack! 

want to work at one of these companies? 

women + tech = an equal future


Join us and explore tech and innovation!


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Over the 3 - day event you will get coaching from industry experts, participate in workshops, learn about career opportunities in tech and build a solution to a relevant challenge. 

Be part of the LTST TalentHack and make meaningful connections with companies dedicated to supporting women like you!

Find the answers to your questions

Head to our FAQs to get all your questions answered about the LTST TalentHack.
In case you need to talk to us directly, you can reach out to us via talenthack@female-founders.org

How to get involved

Participate in the LTST TalentHack

Sponsor a challenge

Support the event as a volunteer

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women + tech = an equal future

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